Large organisations are faced with the challenge of how to build trust and to align existing excellence in individual organisational units in a way that the entire corporation can use its full potential and move as one single entity. 

Governance matters
The WAGILE™ Governance Framework meets this challenge through the advocation of what we call “good governance”. Good governance promotes project success by aligning work with strategic goals. It creates a balance between the need to control projects and the freedom required by teams to deliver. Good governance is adaptive. It encapsulates the plethora of today’s delivery models and sets the strategic course for the entire delivery organisation. 

We passionately believe that good governance supports the realisation of strategic goals. 

We believe:
The early alignment of project objectives and business strategy is a key success factor for the delivery of portfolios, programmes and projects.

The main element of good governance is a transparent and quick decision process. The availability and the engagement of executives are a pre-condition for quick decision making.

The quicker an organisation makes educated decisions, the more agile the delivery. We stipulate agility through governance above agility through the delivery model.

The cost to enforce cultural change in organisations (i.e. “agile delivery for all”) is disproportionate to its value. The vehicle for change is empowerment. 

Empowerment of delivery teams and trust in experts are elementary for a successful delivery. Empowerment needs a well-defined frame to avoid inefficient control structures.

At its core, the WAGILE™ Governance Framework is a decision-making process based on the separation of decision research and decision making, with strong lines of accountability and responsibility that embrace the need for empowerment. Yet this process and its incorporation of delivery models allow projects to be benchmarked and compared. The resulting statistics create a platform for effective communication and promote evidence-based decision making.

Established organisations that adopt “WAGILE™”, start to act as a single entity, full utilising their internal excellence and industry Know-How as they deliver change.


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