Our AI-powered Smart Messenger is the game changer for the Hospitality Industry!


It combines the power of WhatsApp with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist hosts in the Airbnb, vacation rentals, and hotel industry with effective communication with their guests.

Customizable for the individual requirements of each host and continuously learning, our AI platform enables an unparalleled level of reliable and personalized guest communication – like a real personal assist and leads the guest experience to the service level like a high class personal assist.

It’s a Revolutionary Communication vehicle for the worldwide Hospitality Industry!

Our Market out of Statista

4 Million AirBnB in 220 countries

183000 Hotels worldwide

Market Share

We offer a product to this vast market that solves a massive problem for the entire industry in one fell swoop, saving significant time, money, and frustration.

And all at an incredibly attractive price.

With this price point and the numerous benefits that our Smart Messenger provides, we conservatively aim for a 5% market share on a global scale.


per year for individual Airbnb hosts


per year for hotels

Hotel chains have access to a special enterprise rate.

Business Plan

In this conservative calculation, our licensing revenue amounts to approximately $21 million USD. Our operating costs, including marketing, servers, and development team, account for 30%.

Therefore, it is an extremely profitable business with excellent prospects for success.

In the optimistic calculation, we aim to achieve a market share of 10% are talking about $ 40 Million turnover.

The business is extremely scalable, the risk spreaded in 220 countries and has no limits in terms of growth

We seek to establish strategic partnerships with flight and car rental price comparison websites, to monetarize the travel datas from the guests

We can organize special offers for sightseeing and excursions, earning affiliate income from those activities

In future we will offer direct bookings as a feature for the existing guest community

This additional revenue stream could become significant to the extent that the tool might be used for free, allowing for even greater market penetration and establishing Smart-Messenger as an industry standard.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of highly skilled experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, software development, and the hospitality industry.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges, we are well-equipped to realize our vision. Together, we share a passion for revolutionizing communication for hosts and helping them create better guest experiences.

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