We believe that the ability to deliver is of the utmost importance, and the ability to deliver is highly correlated with the ability to make decisions. The quicker decisions are made, the quicker the delivery.


At E&P we have Delivery covered. Our consultants are well-versed in our governance processes that benefit quick decision making since they practice them every day fulfilling key roles in portfolio, programme/project management and the Project Management Office (PMO).

Our offering is built on the pillars of process, people and tools:


The “WAGILE™” Governance Framework provides the foundations to establishing organisation-wide good governance.  


Governance needs an advancement vehicle. E&P provides a complete Remote PMO for fast integration into organisations. Our disciplined and accurate PMO staff create project transparency to steer the organisation to successful delivery outcomes. 

E&P’s Project Delivery Consultants take accountability over programmes and projects including entire transformation programmes. They have access to proven processes, integrated tools, active communities (providing constant methodology improvements) and are supported by our Remote PMO. This makes our Project Delivery Consultants effective and efficient.

Tools., a unique strategic PMO tool, is used by the E&P PMO and delivery consultants to manage and monitor benefit realisation.

Timo Evers


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